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Lysimaque - sewing patterns

& durable clothing

Since 2018, Lysimaque has been offering you simple but original and fun sewing patterns. These are PDF files to download (in real size or in A4) with an instruction booklet illustrated with diagrams. Patterns are often offered with different modular options (collar, sleeves, length, yoke, etc.) so that you can have fun varying your creations! The watchwords of our designs? Feel comfortable, be able to move freely , sometimes reveal a little piece of skin under a link, mix vintage and modern Japanese-inspired ...


So embark on the adventure of sewing, imagine and create clothes that match and enhance you, and share the ethical values ​​of slow fashion and handmade .


Who is hiding behind Lysimaque?


Lysimaque is a small fashion brand founded by Floriane in 2018.


At that time, Floriane had been sewing her clothes for some time. She learned very young, the summer, with her grandmother, in the South of France, in the shade of the song of the cicadas. Because her grandmother's mother, Grandma Neva, was a seamstress by trade, in her small village in the Alps.


Bleuet, the little top crossed on the back, imagined, designed, sponsored during a scorching summer, marked a new stage in this adventure. Because it rained on Instagram, the idea germinated

to offer it as a downloadable pattern. So Floriane rolls up her sleeves, learns the basics of patronage by herself, discovers the joys of reconnecting with mathematics, does violence with free software and launches out. It is the beginning of a joyful adventure, of several collections of patterns and joyful collaborations.

We talk about it in the press...

We talk about Lysimaque patterns at Marie-Claire Ideas: the tops, the dresses, the sweatshirts!!

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