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MOOD - Jasmin jupe

A simple skirt, but a bit sexy and with a crazy potential depending on the fabric chosen, it's Jasmin. In addition, it's perfect, the short skirts are back in force this winter 2022-23.

So a little review of styles that can give this skirt, inspired by the fashion week of winter 2022...

We start with a sober style, in blue jeans, vintage vinyl or gray wool flannel. We add a large sweater, socks and a pair of sneakers, for a minimalist look:

If you sew the Jasmin model in a wool tweed or wear it with a blazer, you are right in the school girl trend of this winter. White socks and moccasins will complete the style:

On the other side, you can take on the craziest fabrics, which will be highlighted by the simplicity of the pattern's lines, from animal patterns to the brightest colors!

Or we can play the glitter card, especially for the holidays!

All you have to do now is to use the Jasmine skirt in all the styles that inspire you!


Jul 20, 2023

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Jul 20, 2023


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