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Althéa is a blouse with volume and contrast. Its sleeves are very puffy, gathered at the armholes and tightened by a knotted bias on the wrist. The body of the blouse flares, the front and the back are independent towards the waist but two light links allow to gather and tie Althea on the hips. The boat neck reveals the shoulders with femininity and highlights the last two ribbons of the blouse that are tied on the shoulders. Althéa is the poetry of knotted cords that oppose the power of volumes.

- Main fabric (with fluidity: cotton veil, cotton, silk, silk satin ...): between 150 cm x 140 cm (sizes 34-42) and 190 cm x 140 cm (size 44).
- Between 250 cm (size 34) and 300 cm (size 44) bias (rather flexible and thin) for the collar, wrist slits and side seams.
- 4 m of cord (or ribbon) to tie on the shoulders and at the waist.
- Spool of thread.

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