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Jasmin is a classic skirt, straight and simple, with two slits for movement and a bit of sexiness. It hugs the waist with two darts, on the back, but does not cling to the thighs. It is more suitable for thicker fabrics, but the pattern also has a lining option. Jasmin is zipped up on the hip on the side. This pattern sewing level is Advanced. It features an invisible zip, slits, darts and a lining.

  • Main fabric mid to heavy weight (cotton, viscose twill, jacquard, wools…): 60 x 140 cm (sizes 34-36), 115 x 140 cm (sizes 38-46), 140 x 140 cm (sizes 48-50).
  • Lining fabric: same measurements as for the main fabric.
  • Invisible zip: 18 cm.
  • Matching thread.
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