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Bouton d'or

Bouton d'or


Bouton d'or is a blouse pattern with removable sleeves, which can be worn with or without sleeves during the same day! A single section forms the front and back of the blouse, which is threaded through the head. As its name suggests, Bouton d'or is based on the beauty and usefulness of… buttons! The sleeves are buttoned along the sides of the blouse and the blouse itself closes with two large buttons that highlight the size. Fabrics with drapery suit him well: cotton, silk, silk floss, double gauze, etc.

  • Main fabric (cotton, silk, silk noil, double gauze, viscose, etc ...: a little hold and above all drapery): 150 x 140 cm.
  • 14 buttons: 2 means for the size and 6 for each sleeve. Take the opportunity to choose beautiful buttons, they will be highlighted!
  • Optionally, 12 snaps (see step 7).
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