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Charme is a classic straight blouse pattern with puffed sleeves that wave around the elbow. But the pattern is also available in a dress, with a skirt gathered at the waist and two pockets in the seams. Its centerpiece is its collar, which can be single or double, nicely emphasizing the face. Soft, flowing fabrics suit it better, so you can create pretty gathers on the front. Do not hesitate to play with colors and fabrics.

  • Main fabric, with fluidity and flexibility (cotton, viscose, linen ...): 135x140 cm (blouse), 190x140 cm
  • Elastic tape 0.4 cm wide (if possible in a color close to your fabric): 80 cm
  • Narrow bias (1 cm to 1.5 cm wide): 100 cm
  • Spool of thread
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