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Crocus is a straight skirt, very simple but which highlights the one who wears it, with darts that mark the waist and a front buttoning. An original buttoning because it is placed on the left hip and discreetly reveals the leg during movements, but also because it is not regular and allows you to play with the sizes and shapes of the buttons. All fabrics are suitable for the Crocus skirt, which makes it a basic to be declined throughout the seasons.

  • Main fabric (just about all fabrics: linen, cotton, wool, viscose… with a minimum of fluidity anyway): 80 cm x 140 cm.
  • 5 buttons of 3 cm in diameter.
  • Optionally, bias to finish the waist and hem: between 160 cm (size 34) and 210 cm (size 44) [see page 7 of the booklet for explanations].
  • Spool of thread.
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