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Cyclamen is a romantic blouse, which plays on volumes: the hollow pleats mark the waist, under the chest and on the back. The sleeves, depending on the model chosen, can be rolled up like a painter's blouse from the 19th century or can be puffed up thanks to several pleats that highlight the wrist. But the major advantage of this blouse is its large collar, which covers the shoulders and dresses the buttoned neckline, for a more dramatic accent. Three collars are available: simple, with lace or a sailor collar. The fabrics neither too flexible nor too rigid suit him: cotton, linen, silk. Beware of transparent fabrics: you must bear in mind that they will reveal the folds of the model.

  • Main fabric (neither too fluid nor too rigid, with good hold: cotton, linen, silk, etc.): between 125 cm x 140 cm (size 34-38) and 185 cm x 140 cm (size 40-44).
  • If you make the collar with lace: 150 cm in length by 5 cm in width (minimum) of lace ribbon.
  • 6 buttons of 1.5 cm in diameter
  • Spool of thread.
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