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Dahlia, is a classic dress with straight lines and a 90’s spirit. Dahlia is designed in denim for a beautiful volume and handle. The contrasting topstitching highlights the four different panels. Short or long, you can wear it on a tee in spring or on a turtleneck in winter. This pattern sewing level is Intermediate. It features facings, heavyweight fabric and topstitching.

  • Main fabric, denim (if a bit of stretch, it will be more comfortable): - Short version : 140 x 115 cm (s. 34-36), 140 x 140 cm (s. 38-42), 140 x 150 (s. 44). - Long version : 140 x 165 cm (s. 34-36), 140 x 215 cm (s. 38-44).
  • Bias tape to finish the facings: 300 cm x 0.5 cm width.
  • Denim needles, for heavyweight fabric.
  • Matching regular thread.
  • Topstitching thread, of a contrasting color if desired.
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