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Fougère is a sweater and jacket pop and vintage inspired. It is loose and boxy, with almost straight sleeves and buttons on the center front. How interesting you say? Fougère shows a mix of shapes that can be color-blocked, in the front and in the back, and in these shapes, two in-seam pockets are concealed on the front. But also, do notice the patches on the elbows that (re) shape the silhouette. A heavy sweatshirting will give a vintage vibe but a light knit and topstitching will elevate it to elegance; even cotton or linen can give it a very summery look! The pattern is essentially sewn in straight lines and not in stretch stitching. The extra feature: an alphabet to print and a big flower design to create the logo of your envy on the back of the sweater!

· Main fabric, knit, jersey or french terry / sweatshirting (the best is a minimum of 250g/m2), but the pattern also works very well with linen, cotton, etc...: between 150 x 140 cm (34/36) and 160 x 140 cm (38-44).

· Elastic (2 cm wide) : 30 cm

· Rib Tube, approximatively 40 cm wide (so no need to cut/sew it for several sizes), 10 cm long

· Plastic snaps (plus snap pliers): 6 for the sweater, 9 for the jacket

· Thread (as many spools as fabric colors used)

· Option : a patch to interface or letters to embroider on

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