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Lavender is a straight blouse pattern, simple but which reserves a few surprises. Two knots come to tie the two sides of the back, worked with original folds, and delicately revealing the skin. But Lavender is also reversible and can be worn the other way, back-to-front: it then becomes a jacket that reveals the little top underneath. A very fine fabric, even a cotton or linen veil, will give it a fluid and relaxed style. A double gauze will make it more comfortable and softer for mid-season. Thanks to the knots, other fabrics, color or patterns can also be integrated. Finally, a few centimeters less on the sleeves will make it a summer model.

  • Main fabric, from super light veil to double gauze, including linen: 140 x 140 cm for 34/36 and 230 x 140 cm for 38/44
  • Wire spool
  • Bias: from 175 cm in 34/36 up to 250 cm for the 38/44
  • Tip: you can make the straps to tie in a different fabric.
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