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Lilac is a fresh blouse buttoned all the way up. Puffed sleeves and a buttoning on the side make the originality of this pattern. To harmonize the silhouette, you can also choose to gather the waist. If you sew it a little larger than your usual size, it will be more fluid… Almost all fabrics suit it (and that's cool!): flexible (cotton), fluid (viscose), transparent (organza de silk), structured (linen), etc.

  • Main fabric, from silk to linen, including cotton: 120 cm x 140 cm
  • 2 cm diameter buttons: 5.
  • Elastic 5 mm thick (for the length, see the sleeve circumference, step 9). Add 70 cm (t.34) to 90 cm (t.44) in length for the size (see explanations on page 8).
  • Fusing (light and flexible) if the fabric is too fragile.
  • Spool of thread.
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