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Bindweed is ideal for spring and summer: its thin straps highlight the shoulders and the port of head; the buttoning on the side gives it character and it can be sewn both in a cropped top and in a dress. In neutral linen, it will dress very well a white T-shirt, or even jeans. For the summer, in a flowery or patterned fabric, the buttoning can open to reveal the leg. The buttons are also an opportunity to choose beautiful colors and beautiful materials to enhance the cut.

- Main fabric (linen, cotton, viscose ...): 60 cm x 140 cm for the top, 125 cm x 140 cm for the dress.
- 5 buttons of 2 cm in diameter for the top, 12 buttons of 2 cm in diameter for the dress.
- If you do not sew a collar facing [see page 5/11], take 110 cm (34) to 170 cm (42) of bias tape for the reported bias (less than 2 cm in width) [see page 8/15]
- Spool of thread.

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