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Marguerite is a light dress, which adorns the chest nicely and which reveals the back by playing on the ties holding the pieces of the dress together. Thus, it is fully adjustable over the lengths, widths and depth of the neckline on the kidneys. In a fluid fabric (silk, viscose or synthetics), it will fly away with summer winds or to the sound of music.

  • Main fabric (with fluidity: silk, viscose, light cotton ...): between 170 cm x 140 cm (size 34) to 220 cm x 140 cm (size 44).
  • A fusible square (a few centimeters).
  • Spool of thread.
  • Note: you can choose not to sew the straps in the fabric and replace them with any kind of braid. In this case, you will need 2.20 m of braid.
  • Note 2: you can also choose to replace the clamps on the back skirt with an elastic band. You will need between 37 cm (size 34) and 47 cm (size 44), with a thickness of 1.5 cm. The explanations are on page 10 of the booklet.
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