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Muguet is a multiple pattern of knotted blouses, which can be sewn with or without sleeves. Two straight sides form the front and back of the blouse, which has two possible lengths: a top that arrives at the hips or a tunic, which arrives above the knees. We can therefore wear it alone or over it on a T-shirt, skirt, dress or pants. Several side knots close the blouse, while gently revealing the skin ... But Muguet has other surprises in store: we can easily add sleeves to the pattern, for a more spring or fall version. All fabrics suit him, as long as they have a certain fluidity: silk, muslin, viscose, fine linen, cotton, cupro, etc.

  • Main fabric, from super light veil to cotton, via viscose (fluidity is required): 140 x 140 cm for the top with sleeves, 170 x 140 cm for the tunic with sleeves, 100 x 140 cm for the tunic without sleeves.
  • Ribbon / Bias (depending on the desired rendering) in 1.5 cm wide: from 3 m (top length) to 4 m (tunic length).
  • Thick twine to form the crossed straps: 96 cm (to be cut into four straps of 24 cm each).
  • Spool of thread.
  • Tip: you can make the knots and the suspenders in a different fabric to play on the contrasts.
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