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Nénuphar is a simple jacket pattern, with straight sleeves and large patch pockets. It is buttoned on the front and ends on a simple collar, without collar stand. The length is that of the hips, in a jacket style (but it is easy to lengthen it). No superfluous details to underline its simplicity of construction: only a hem at the bottom and at the wrists. The biggest variation of Water Lily is its possibility of being sewn as a patchwork: a second set of PDF presents the pieces of the patchwork (in all sizes) to assemble to compose a multicolored water lily. The fabrics that are suitable for Water Lily are the classic jackets: linen for the summer, passing by jeans in the spring, and even wool (not too thick for the patchwork) for the winter.

  • Main fabric, linen, jeans, wool, etc.: 140 x 150 cm (all sizes)
  • Six buttons for the buttonhole (you can add one on each pocket: provide two more buttons), 2 to 2.5 cm in diameter approximately.
  • Spool of thread.
  • If necessary: use fusible to reinforce the buttonhole if your fabric is too fragile.
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