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Orge is a pattern that offers many possibilities depending on the interpretation that you choose to make of it: in a transparent fabric, it is worn in spring on jeans and a T-shirt or on a colorful dress. In linen or cotton, and with short or long sleeves, it will be a mid-season or full summer dress. And in coated cotton, jeans, or in all the fabrics that hold, Orge will make a cool coat to complete an outfit. Its structure is simple, with a tailor-inspired collar; but it is its pockets, of different shape and size, which give it all its character. Drawn in straight lines, it is very easy to lengthen or shorten, to give it the look you want.

  • Main fabric, depending on the desired style: either in a coat (coated cotton, thick cotton, jeans, etc.) or in a dress (cotton, linen, viscose, silk taffeta, etc.): 250 cm x 140 cm.
  • 4 buttons, 2 cm in diameter.
  • Spool of thread.
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