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Pâquerette is a romantic blouse, with a 70's spirit. The bottom of the blouse flares out into a delicate corolla. The square neckline balances the silhouette of the blouse and nicely frames the face. Thanks to the two central seams of the neckline, two ruffles are integrated, which highlight the shoulders. Soft and fluid fabrics, but with a little drape, will suit him well.

  • Main fabric, rather flexible : cotton, cotton veil, cotton and silk, silk, viscose ...): 170 cm x 140 cm (from 34 to 38), 210 cm x 140 cm (from 40 to 44).
  • If you do not sew facing, you need 120 cm of bias [see p.10]
  • Optionally, 130 cm of lace ribbon for the frills or 200 cm of lace ribbon to encrust in front and in the back [see p.11].
  • Spool of thread.
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