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Rose is a loose, wide and rather short blouse pattern on the hips. Of Japanese inspiration, it is formed by the assembly of rectangular shapes. But the pattern offers several possibilities: the collar and the buttonhole with flanges give it elegance, but you can also choose not to sew a collar and prefer a cooler wide opening. Likewise, the pattern can be sewn with or without a yoke on the shoulders, with short sleeves or long sleeves, etc. In fact, it is a base from which to invent (see the end of the booklet for discover some of them step by step…)! The fabric also plays a large part in the style of the blouse: transparent, rigid, fluid, silky,…

  • Main fabric (many fabrics are suitable according to the style sought, but avoid excessively rigid fabrics and favor fluid materials: fine and flexible cotton, viscose, flexible linen, silk, etc.): 130 cm x 140 cm maximum.
  • Thread spool
  • 2 or 3 buttons (if no knot)
  • Interfacing if the fabric is too thin (for slitting)
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